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Mayor’s Message to the Community

I would like to thank the residents of Hythe who participated in the review of our villages’ viability and enthusiastically showed up to vote on the future of our community. This was a long and less than perfect process and I thank you for your patience, persistence, and decision-making abilities even when all the desired information was not available.


I believe we have made the right decision for our community. This has long been an incredible community. I truly believe this decision will make our community stronger, Hythe has never been a community defined by a municipal boundary but by the people of the area. The people are not changing, we are just getting stronger together!




Returning Officers Declaration of Vote Results


NOTICE: March 8, 2021

Village of Hythe Regular Council meeting scheduled for Monday, March 8, 2021 is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

Village of Hythe receives the AUMA 2020 Sustainability in Action Award!

Download: Media Release – AUMA 2020 Sustainability in Action Award

A success achieved by working collaboratively with their neighbours in the towns of Beaverlodge, Sexsmith and Wembley.

The Village of Hythe has received the honour to be the recipient of the AUMA award for the ‘AUMA Sustainability in Action Award in the category of municipalities with populations of under 2,500’. Hythe was nominated for their role as the lead municipality on an Occupational Health & Safety Project that was realized through a collaboration with the towns of Beaverlodge, Sexsmith, and Wembley. The four municipalities came together to develop an extensive OH&S Program for each municipality.

The project was made possible through grant funding received from the Alberta Community Partnership program. The scope of the project was extensive and included in-depth activities that were completed by a multi-municipal working committee where representatives from each of the partnering municipalities worked directly with the Consultant. As an example, in-person meetings were held every two weeks over a six-month development period and weekly tasks surrounded these dates. “The commitment and  determination of the working committee was incredible leading to the successful outcome of the OH&S initiative”, said Village of Hythe CAO Leona Hanson. “Everyone embraced the intensive timeline set and although not easy at times, we pushed through for the benefit of the whole. I’m pretty proud of our team.” Town of Sexsmith OH&S Officer, Naomi Robinson summarized the success of the collaboration efforts as, “Four municipalities coming together was a beginning … Collaborating together was progress… Now SAFELY working together is definite SUCCESS. None of us are as smart as all of us!”

The project success is also attributed to the exceptional guidance, support and development expertise received from the OH&S Program Consultant, Doreen von Gradulewski with DAVG Consulting Inc. In addition, the program is sustainable and continues to be supported by OH&S Officers from each municipality. Town of Wembley CAO, Noreen Zhang, shared that, “the collaboration between municipalities to have a very important program in place has been amazing. The Town of Wembley feels confident that with the completion of this much needed program, the health and safety of its staff and residents is in a much better place.” Adding to these sentiments, Acting CAO, Tina Letendre stated that, “the Town of Beaverlodge is fortunate enough to have neighbouring municipalities who strive to work together, because in order to be successful in business, and in life, you need to connect and collaborate!”

This AUMA Award is about sustainability and with the ever-changing world we live in managing the municipalities’ OH&S needs are maintained by remaining connected to support each other. Going it alone was not possible but doing it together made it an important endeavor that was achieved and a support system is in place to ensure sustainability for four municipalities.

Mayor Brian Peterson and CAO Leona Hanson were on hand to receive the award. Mayor Peterson stated that, “one of our key duties is to ensure the safety of our people as a foundation of our organization. Our Council identified the need for a good health and safety program that was effective to support workers and show them that we value them. I believe we have a good program in place now and working with the other communities made it better for everybody.” In speaking to receiving the AUMA Sustainability in Action Award, Mayor Peterson shared, “we’re proud of the work done by our collective staff on this project as it was a big undertaking.” He further expressed, “thank you AUMA for recognizing our communities in this way.”

The AUMA 2020 Convention was held through a virtual presentation that was live streamed at the Bowes Crystal Center hosted by the City of Grande Prairie. The Village of Hythe received the recognition for the AUMA Sustainability in Action Award for the Collaborative Occupational Health & Safety Project in a room with their municipal peers today.

ATTACHMENTS: OH&S Municipal Staff Photos

Media Contacts:

Mayor Brian Peterson – 780.228.0034


Leona Hanson, CAO – 780.876.7582


Village of Hythe refreshes look with new logo, website

The Village of Hythe has a new look.

A new website and logo were unveiled at a launch party Thursday evening at the Hythe Legion.

Chief Administrative Officer for the Village of Hythe, Leona Hanson, says rebranding was an idea that come out of planning council did in 2018 and 2019.

“One of their priorities was to rebrand the community and have a look at positioning it for the future and capturing the essence of the community.”

She adds input from the public gathered in surveys went into the design of the new look.

“With surveying (of) both residents and the business community, (also) council and staff were involved through the whole process. We feel that we’ve captured what our residents feel about the community and the strength of it and what it means to them.”

Hanson says the new website will have a more modern look and will be similar to what a lot of other municipalities use.

“The areas of business the Village is involved in and user-friendly and easy to navigate and tie it in with our business community from an investment attraction perspective. Our Facebook will be tied into it.”

Hanson adds the new website will also take advantage of some new social media features.

by Curtis Galbraith