Covid-19 Update
Category Fee Per Quarter
CURBSIDE PICKUP-PER BIN (Residential/MultiUnitResidential/SmallCommercial) $90.00
LANDFILL INFRASTRUCTURE (Commercial/Industrial) $60.00

Most of the older residents in Hythe have their own water wells. However, the newer residents, located in the North end of town, and the Trailer Park are all on town water.

Your bills can be paid on line through your financial institution by adding the Village of Hythe to your list of bills along with your account number.

Utilities are sold only to the homeowner – if utilities are not paid, they can then be placed on the tax roll as a debt to the municipality -Section 34(1), Municipal Government Act (MGA). COUNCIL NOV 12/02

GARBAGE UTILITY CHARGE IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS – Council declined a request to cancel the garbage charge. Village pays Alliance Disposal for garbage pickup and disposal. The Village provides a garbage service with no option for residents to opt out – the service will remain feasible, if there are sufficient customers to attract garbage disposal companies. COUNCIL MEETING APRIL 10/06

Out Door Watering during Summer Months:

Effective June 1, 2006, the Village water supply for outdoor water use (including watering lawns, gardens, yards and grounds) will be controlled in the following manner:

Property on 101 Avenue, 106 Street, 107 Street and 108 Street will be RESTRICTED AS FOLLOWS:
a) Property with odd-numbered addresses uses water outdoors on odd-numbered days of the month.
b) Properties with even-numbered addresses use water outdoors on even-numbered days of the month.
c) The hours for outdoor watering are 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. in the morning and 8:00 – 10:00 p.m. in the evening.

You are on the Village’s water supply if you are billed by the Village for water. A fine will be imposed for outdoor water use if it does not conform to the above water conservation practices.

Penalty – first offence $100.00
Second & continuing offences $300.00

Gas & Electricity
Direct Energy Regulated Services provides gas and electric service. They can be contacted by phone for these service – 1-800-420-3181
Emergency Services (e.g.) Power interruptions, down power lines call ATCO Electric Ltd. 1-800-668-5506.

Customer Assistance Centre 310-5678
24-Hour Gas Emergency Service Toll-Free 1-800-511-3447
Credit & Collections Toll Free 1-888-5117554

JUST ENERGY Phone: 855-387-6071


Internet Providers
There are several internet providers for this region.